No longer will a patient be assisted by a certified nurse as ORUFLOW lets the patient undergo the test in a actual restroom environment. The Uroflowmetry test will lower work hours for both personnel and staff members.
Automatic cleaning
ORUFLOW device improves the welfare of patients by eliminating the hygiene problem in the uroflowmetry test. No need for emptying the urine container. Eliminates the unpleasant smell and view arising from the urinary splash.
IOT Technology
ORUFLOW is now customized to the new generation system and lets both the patient and doctor keep track of both present and past health records via mobile devices. Mobile functions of the device help lower the hassle some older patients may have when trying to scan the barcode to the machine.
On-board screen
The on-board screen is to help the patient and guide them through the process.
Barcode scanner
Once the patient get scanned their barcode, the hospital will automatically be able to read the patients data.
Thermal printer
In short, the patient can receive their test results from the hospital without assistance of another personnel
About us
In 2015 in Computer Engineering Department of Baskent University "Urodynamics Training Kit" project was started as a Graduation Project. After a year working under the supervision of Computer Engineering's and Medical School's faculty members, the project was honored to be supported by the Ministery of Science, Industry and Technology. The ORUFLOW Self Operating Uroflow, developed in continuation of innovative Research and Development studies, is the first application of the worldwide trend of carrying pre-screening health tests outside the clinic in the area of urology. With the aim of becoming a global Turkish medical technology start-up Oruba is rapidly continuing its studies.
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